Who We Are

Environment Development

Conducting environment education training in the spheres of conservation of forests and wild life for rural people especially the youth through organizing camps seminars & lectures

To work for maintenance and conservation of Bio-Diversity

Encouraging rural masses towards the use of alternative sources of energy like solar cooker, biogas, smokeless chullas and solar lamps to avoid environmental pollution.

To implement various projects related to social forestry, tree plantation etc.

To setup ECO Clubs.

To conduct National Environment Awareness Programme (NEAC) each year.

To implement various Environment Education Projects in various schools.

To provide Education to poor & needy Women / Girls through different types of Educational Courses.

To development of Watershed Area.

To organize Tree Plantation Programmers'.

To implement various Agricultural training programme such as Mushroom Cultivation, Fisheries, Piggery, Poultry, Sericulture, Vermiculture .

To conduct Awareness campaigns for the farmers in the field of Agriculture.